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Keep It Beautiful Vietnam (KIBV) proudly presents a spectrum of impactful initiatives aimed at driving sustainable development in Vietnam. From environmental conservation to educational empowerment and cultural preservation, our multifaceted efforts encompass a wide range of activities. Through engaging workshops, exhibitions, and educational programs, we instill awareness and knowledge about environmental protection among the youth. Our dedication extends to collaborating with minority women artisans, empowering them through sustainable weaving practices. We champion local green products, advocate for eco-friendly construction, and promote sustainable tourism concepts. At KIBV, our activities reflect a steadfast commitment to creating lasting change that resonates across communities and generations.


At Keep It Beautiful Vietnam (KIBV), our dedication to fostering sustainable development is at the heart of everything we do. Through a diverse range of projects, we align our efforts with our fundamental objectives of promoting environmental preservation, education, and cultural enrichment. Our initiatives are carefully designed to create a positive and lasting impact on the communities we serve.

Public Outreach Workshops

Educational Programs

KIBV organizes weekly exhibitions and workshops in schools, conveying essential environmental insights and addressing littering concerns. Since 2017, we've reached over 50 schools in Northern Vietnam, introducing over 50,000 students to environmental protection and sustainability. Through countless volunteer-driven cleanup events, we've effectively promoted sustainability, leading to positive shifts in local mindset and behavior.

Since 2017, KIBV has been renowned for its flagship initiative - providing complimentary English classes to children of varying ages in Hoa Binh, a northern province of Vietnam. With a focus on holistic development, KIBV has engaged experienced international volunteers to deliver English lessons of exceptional quality, simultaneously integrating discussions on environmental concerns. Our dedication lies in empowering Vietnam's youth to enhance their societal competence, offering them not only language proficiency but also insights into critical environmental matters like pollution control and recycling practices.

Empower Minority Women

KIBV collaborates closely with minority women in Lac Village-Mai Chau Hoa Binh to safeguard the essence of this traditional weaving community. Our objectives include enhancing traditional handmade products in line with sustainability criteria, empowering women with knowledge of sustainable production processes, and boosting their competitiveness. KIBV aims to create a positive environmental, humanitarian, cultural, and social impact. Additionally, we guide them from ideation to product design, fostering the creation of market-appropriate items for both domestic and international markets. Our commitment extends to promoting the work of these women through workshops and trade events on a global scale.



Driving Change, One Action at a Time

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