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KIBV Keep It Beautiful Vietnam is an international non-governmental organization that aims to foster the sustainable development of Vietnam through environment, education, social and culture promotion. The organization headquartered in Switzerland has been granted the Project Certificate of Registration status in Vietnam in 2018. Since its inception, KIBV has engaged in various activities towards a sustainable direction in accordance with KIBV’s goal and mission.


Projects to Fund

Elevating Sustainable Development and Supporting  KIBV's Impactful Projects

PEEP - Public Environment Education Project: Through free English classes, workshops, and environmental initiatives, KIBV equips young minds with both language skills and a deep understanding of environmental stewardship.

Empower Women Asia: Supporting minority women by promoting sustainable hand-woven textiles preserves cultural heritage while fostering economic growth.

Greenfair: KIBV champions sustainable local products, green lifestyle choices, and eco-conscious consumption to create a lasting environmental impact.

GS Community: Advocating for green architecture, KIBV promotes the integration of structures with nature, minimizing ecological footprints while enhancing well-being.

Eco & Sustainable Tourism: By promoting responsible travel, KIBV ensures that tourism becomes a catalyst for positive environmental and social change.



There are numerous ways to engage with Keep It Beautiful Vietnam (KIBV) and actively contribute to our mission of fostering sustainable development. You can become a vital part of our journey by providing financial support, helping us drive positive change through funding our projects and initiatives. If you're looking to forge a partnership, collaborate as an advisor, or offer expertise, we welcome you to join hands with us in shaping a greener future. Additionally, if you're passionate about making a direct impact, our volunteer opportunities offer a hands-on way to contribute to our various programs and initiatives. Whether you choose to support us financially, partner with us, or dedicate your time as a volunteer, your involvement will play an integral role in amplifying our efforts towards creating a more sustainable and harmonious Vietnam.

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